GQG Partners U.S. Quality Equity Fund Series F (CAD)

  • Number of Holdings*: 29
  • Total Net Assets*: C$9 M


The GQG Partners U.S. Quality Equity Fund seeks to invest in high-quality companies from the United States with attractively priced future growth prospects while diversifying by end-consumer risk. GQG Partners’ fundamental investment process evaluates each business based on financial strength, sustainability of earnings growth and quality of management. A flexible and adaptive approach seeks to limit downside risk while providing attractive returns to long-term investors over a full market cycle.


  • 15-30 U.S. equity holdings constructed with an absolute return mindset
  • CIO Rajiv Jain has 30+ years of global investment experience in seeking quality companies selling at reasonable prices
  • Traditional and non-traditional analysts help to develop a differentiated and comprehensive view on some of the world’s most well-known companies
  • Flexible and adaptive approach targets quality companies that would traditionally wear both the value and growth monikers
  • Investment culture built around client alignment and devil’s advocacy


  • Historically strong in up markets, stronger in down markets
  • Focuses on tail risk protection from systemic market events
  • In looking at any company, GQG Partners seeks to remove the labels of value and growth in favour of compounded return
  • Potential for long-term outperformance over a full market cycle with less volatility


Why invest with GQG Partners? Here are 5 reasons at a glance.



Rajiv Jain, Partner, Chairman & CIO, discusses the culture, investment approach and philosophy behind GQG Partners.

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