Morningstar Managed Investments Program – Growth Portfolio Array

Portfolio Profile: Series A | Series F

Reasons to Own


  • 80% equity +/- 15% flexibility
  • Objective Morningstar selection of top managers
  • Valuation-driven approach to asset allocation
  • Comprehensive portfolio of 15-25 third-party funds
  • Includes mutual funds/pooled funds/ETFs


  • Puts Morningstar's research on your side
  • Harnesses the performance potential of top managers
  • Adjusts asset allocation based on market conditions
  • Remains diversified by asset class, geography, style & market cap

Portfolio Advisor

Morningstar Associates Inc. Investment Team

The Morningstar Investment Management group, through 11 investment advisory subsidiaries, creates custom investment solutions that combine awardwinning research and global resources with proprietary Morningstar data. The group provides comprehensive retirement, investment advisory, and portfolio management services for financial institutions, plans sponsors, and financial advisers around the world.

Risk Classification


Fund Facts

Series A | Series F

Fundserv : BIP

Series Sales option Fund No. C$
A SC 108
F - 518