Mental Health News

Research Finds Connection Between Financial Planning and Mental Health

Investment Executive, February 2024

Financial Planning: A Keystone for Mental Wellbeing, Canadian Study Reveals

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Wealth Professional, February 2024

Rethinking Wealth: How Financial Foresight Shapes Mental Health and Future Prosperity

BNN Breaking, February 2024

Beyond Diet & Exercise: New Research Confirms Financial Planning Contributes to Positive Mental Health

Newswire, February 2024

Research Reveals 92% of Advisors Have Clients With Mental Health Issues

Wealth Professional, October 2021

How Advisors are Responding to Rise in Mental Health Issues Among Clients

The Globe and Mail, July 2021

Advisors on the Front Line of Mental Health Battle

Wealth Professional, January 2021

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How Mental Health and the Pandemic are Affecting Investors’ Decisions

The Globe and Mail, November 2020

Motivating Clients to Establish Trusted Contact Persons

Advisor’s Edge, November 2020

Mental Health Issues Can Negatively Impact Clients’ Financial Decision-Making

Insurance Portal, June 2020

Managing Client Behaviours, Mental Health

Investment Executive, June 2020

Canadian Financial Advisors Face Real Impact From Client Mental Health Issues – Bridgehouse Seeks Industry Support for Research-Driven Recommendations

Newswire, April 2018

Advisors Seek Help with Clients’ Mental Health

Investment Executive, April 2018