Message from the President

January 2017

2017 is going to be a GREAT YEAR full of positive events and milestones. At Bridgehouse, we're seeing a bright path forward. We're ready to close the book on 2016 and look forward with enthusiasm and positive resolve. We hope you are too.

Investors need financial advisors and independent products now more than ever. We'd like to be partners in your mission to serve Canadians by offering strong, long-term investments that strengthen well-built client portfolios so Canadians can continue to prosper – especially as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Bridgehouse has placed its stake in the ground as the Independent Platform featuring long-term, active investment managers with deep institutional roots. Morningstar is our most recent addition, bringing sophisticated technical knowledge and global asset management experience to the Bridgehouse Platform, which also includes Brandes, Sionna, Lazard and Greystone. With five independent managers represented by a single point of contact, we offer a broad range of client-focused products in the face of shrinking advisor shelf space. We're celebrating our 15th anniversary of offering Brandes in Canada and our 10th year of offering Sionna. Our business model is to build long-term relationships with independent managers so you can count on this longevity.

The key characteristic we look for in a manager is conviction, and it's always gratifying when conviction and true value shines through. We are pleased that our managers' efforts are paying off, particularly with our value-focused active managers.

You should look forward to increased efforts to streamline and work with you productively and efficiently. You'll notice our increased digital outreach in webcasts and continuing education programs. We're producing more client-friendly material such as infographics and investor education tools. Thousands of advisors and investors have used our digital and print Wheel of Investor Emotion, which helps investors put short-term ups and downs into longer-term perspective.

For value-added programs we are focusing on one of the major concerns of our time: mental health. Mental health pressures combined with less-than-rational investor behaviour can prove extremely challenging for investors and advisors alike. We hope to shed light on this growing issue and help advisors Recognize, Relate, Respond and Reset with techniques and resources to help investors stay on track.

Let me end by thanking you for the work you do and for committing to do the very best for your clients. We pledge to be of service to you in that mission. We are all blessed to live in this great and abundant country, and we appreciate the great contribution that financial advisors make to the well-being of Canadians.


Carol Lynde, President and COO

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